Yard Games Giant Ring Toss


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Our Giant Ring Toss Game is the most addictive new tossing game on the market! This YardGames.com original is sure to be a hit at your next event. It’s backyard ring toss with a GIANT twist.

The tossing rings are 10″ with soft rubber edges so you can play catch after your done playing ring toss! Toss the rings at the target and try to get them to land around the posts for points. 3 points for the middle post and 1 point on the outer posts. Players alternate turns and the score is taken as the difference of points (like cornhole). First player to get exactly 15 points wins!

Complete Giant Ring Toss Game Set Includes: durable finished wooden target, frame and Posts, 6 tossing rings with rubber edges and aerodynamic design for great tosses (3 red, 3 blue), a high-strength carrying case for easy transport and storage, and instructions for how to play and game setup instructions


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